THE U.K'S MOST POLITICALLY INCORRECT VISITOR ATTRACTION . HOUSING A VERY DIVERSE , INTRIGUING PRIVATELY OWNED COLLECTION . Littledean Jail situated in Littlesdean, Royal forest of Dean near Gloucester plays host to the amazing museum Crime Through Time . amongst the exhibitions on display are :- Murderabilia , a history of crime through the ages with countless letters, weapons, and items relating to some of the worlds most notorious criminals from the distant past up to and including exhibitions of the Kray twins, Charles Bronson and the UK's longest serving female prisoner Linda Calvey ,(the Black Widow) Holocaust, the UK'S biggest and most complete collection Freaks of Nature , including Moo Moo the two headed cow, Lady GaGa the two headed kitten, and Baa baa the eight legged lamb. Klu Klux Klan robes and other items from the USA and the UK Voodoo and witchcraft , various items varying from shrunken heads to skull drinking goblets Police memerabilia , uniforms, "tools of the trade" even a fully working '70s police Morris Minor Rock and Roll a room dedicated to the punk era with items that belonged to Sid Vicious and others Great train robbery, including the actual clothes worn by the mastermind behind this Bruce Reynalds Countless signed items from film ,news, music , celeb, royals historic figures Quadrophenia the UK's only exhibition dedicated to the cult film Quadrophenia including original clothes , props, photos and the holy grail of all Scooters the Ace Face's (sting) Vespa GS all this and so so much more is open to the public Thursday to Sunday